The Elegance Of A Sunburst Mirror

If you really have the true sense of choosing mirrors for home decoration, sunburst styles should be on top of your favoritism! Sunburst mirrors look like they just fell from the sky and started radiating the style and charm just like the ignited sun.
It’s more like a wall art when you hang a sunburst mirror on your wall. It makes the room look larger by reflecting the natural light in every corner of the room. The demand of custom cut mirrors never decreased rather they have been found to be around from one form to another in modified styles. Their ability to emit delight and warmth has made them uniquely elegant.


custom made sunburst mirror


You have to go back to the 17th century if you want to know the origin of the sunburst mirrors. It was the time when monstrance was first used in the Catholic Church above its altar where they placed decorated stands surrounding the golden rays of the sun. This is the style we know as ‘sunburst’ today! Monstrance were also found in several other churches in Italy during that time.

The first time mirrors were very small in size and convex in nature which remained unchanged until the last of the 17th century. Manufacturers learned how to make large size mirrors with the passage of time and they gradually expanded their production. For more info, click here.
Mirror manufacturers began to make them for decoration in the 19th century resulting in gaining huge popularity in the different states of America and Europe. The exact time of starting the production of sunburst mirrors is still unknown but studies predict that it should be sometime around the late 19th century.


Use Of Sunburst Mirrors In Your Home

Sunburst mirrors can enhance the look of your room instantly after hanging them on the wall. Some of them are often made with wood and contain carved engravings that add to their beauty. These versatile mirrors are suitable for almost all the type of rooms. They create an excellent blend of artfulness and functionality that have turned them into a real piece of gem in the mirror industry!
They look great on the entrance hallways especially if you can set them above the table that is fitted against the wall. In this way, the mirror can create a noticeable focal point that will easily catch the attention of the guests. Since they are able to provide a great burst of light, you can use these mirrors in small rooms or along the narrow corridors to ensure sufficient level of brightness.

Sunburst or Starburst?

The sunburst mirrors never faded away but there were certain changes and modifications in their styles in different times. ‘Starburst’ is such a modification that came on the market during 1960. The starburst style mirrors are usually made in smaller circular pieces and they differ in some decorative features as well. So, when someone says about starburst mirrors, they basically refer to the sunburst styles that have some extra features in terms of light radiation or dexterity.

The contemporary sunburst style mirrors are more attractive than ever since they are now found in wide range of colors, designs, and finishes. You might have seen them mostly in the living or dining rooms but people these days have started to hang them in bathrooms and bedrooms to brighten up these areas.