What Kind of Social Responsibilities Architects Have?

Many architects volunteer in different community organizations that contribute to the preservation and development of your society, but do architects have some other social responsibilities as a part of their profession? When you are about to create a piece of visual art, you certainly have some responsibility to the community. Even if the work of art is self-centered, it is something that is publicly seen and in public space. What does social responsibility even mean nowadays? Many people act irresponsible, our government and state as well, so why would architects act otherwise? We could define that responsibility as creating and implementing a sustainable design in a certain way. Since we are experiencing severe climate changes, I would say, that today, it is crucial that architects act responsible and create their works of art in a way that will eliminate or minimize the negative environmental impact of the built environment. Instead of pulling people apart, we should work towards connecting them with others and with their natural surroundings.

How Does Social Responsibility Look in Practice and Beyond Practice

Many architects have created a better place, environment and a better society with their works. Architecture can greatly affect our society because it is an essential part that reflects it. It reflects our current desires, achievements, progress, ideals and many other things. It makes our country look civilized, more livable and approachable. It should not be discussed whether or not an architect can improve one’s quality of life. It certainly can because without it, we wouldn’t have a roof over our head, places to work at, learn and sometimes simply enjoy.

However, every member of society should look for ways to contribute to his/hers community outside of the profession. This can be done by simply being a better person – help the ones in need, don’t be selfish and protect our environment. As a citizen, you can influence your community in different ways, no matter where you work and what you do for a living. If you want to be the cause of a positive social change, then do everything that is in your power to achieve it. Beyond practice, start improving the well-being of your community by being involved in a nonprofit organization. Go and do some charities work. Start raising awareness about global climate change or critical social issues. When building, use more eco-friendly materials and offer to install solar power panels or eco-friendly water saver system. Convince people why living green is better. Implement your ideals into your piece of art and try influencing and changing the built environment around you. Don’t limit your social responsibilities. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to deal only with built environment or environmental issues. Your participation matters.

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