Love Triangle between Social Media, Content Marketing and SEO

The purpose of content marketing is to inform and entertain the audience, and social media is all about promoting that quality content and reach out to the public. Is then SEO the technical part that makes sure everything is perfectly arranged so search engines can find your content? Well, I have to say you are wrong. All three are in a complex love triangle in which they work toward the same thing, and that is achieving relevance for the public.

Organic SEO marketing is growing every day, and because of that, it’s no wonder that SEO, social media, and content marketing have found themselves to be ideal lovers. When these three work in sync, they attract Internet users and customers while also increasing organic traffic through unique and valuable content. This just came perfect because it is known that now Google algorithms significantly factor social signals in search rankings. An excellent organic marketing strategy must incorporate content marketing, social media and SEO in their plan. Read on to find out in which ways these three perfectly work together.

Google and Twitter – Friends with Benefits

The World Wide Web rapidly grows every day. Consider it as an enormous public library that gets new books every single day. Unlike libraries, the World Wide Web needs some kind of a central filing system and Google has found one in social media. It is very hard to gather information and creating indexed when content is being created literally every second.

Google now uses Twitter to discover that new quality content worth of indexing. Content that has generated a lot of attention on Twitter will be a lot easier to find. The more retweets you get, the valuable your content becomes. SEO experts from Australia, like SEO Townsville have noticed how valuable this is for gaining organic traffic.  The faster you get your content indexed, the sooner you’ll be rewarded with organic traffic.

Can SEO Replace Link Building with Social Shares?

SEO Geelong is one of the many expert teams that knows the importance of link building. Black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing and fake websites are used to manipulate Google in obtaining high-ranking placement of an individual internet site. Because of this, Google has started to factor social signals from social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ because it can’t be manipulated to get links. There is no more need of creating the famous “link juice”. SEO and social media can now work together to provide your website the backlinks you need.

Content is King

SEO Darwin team from Australia knows that website optimization isn’t all technical anymore. Google changes its algorithms very often and a safe way to play the game is by having quality content. Google is reserved only for the best, so only relevant content rank high. That is why SEO, instead of being tech-friendly, must become human-friendly. SEO experts now must work on creating quality content that will be shared with people, and that will people share further. For people to share, that content must really matter to them.