How Society Shapes Our Body Image and Self Esteem – Extreme Dieting and HCG Diets

We are aware that society shapes us in many ways, but the truth is that it shapes us a lot more than we realize. Social conventions dictate our way of life, from our moral, system of values and interactions with others to our personal development, the perception of ourselves and others, as well as our self-worth. People feel a natural craving to belong to a social group, or we can say, to belong in society. Humans are social beings, and we genetically rely on one another to survive and ensure the survival of humanity. This complex, primal connection makes all our interactions physiologically and psychologically relevant, meaning that we find very valuable the way society perceives us.

Social perception can significantly affect every aspect of our lives, including our body image and self-worth. A critical social construct is the perception of ourselves through others’ perception of our bodies, culminating in our perception of self-worth.

The Duality of Body Image

Body image is not only a personal, internal construct. It can also be an external construct, developed by the society we live in.  This dual image includes the way we perceive our bodies visually, but also how we feel about our physical appearance. Next, it includes the way we think and talk to ourselves about our bodies and our senses of how others see our bodies.


How we look was never more important than in the 21st century. Also, our body has never had such societal importance in reflecting on our perceived self-worth. This phenomenon and complex social constructs have lead people, especially young women, to strive towards creating a perfect “image” of themselves for others to look at, mostly through extreme dieting, eating disorders, extreme exercise compulsion and unnecessary plastic surgery.

Extreme Dieting – The Case of HCG Diets

More than two thirds of adults in the U.S are overweight, and that number continues to increase every year. It is not easy to lose weight if you have a lot of pounds to lose. The only natural and correct way to lose weight is through permanent life changes, such as making healthy food choices and exercising. Weight can be lost naturally only in a gradual process that requires a lot of time, patience and effort. However, today no one has the time, the will or the motivation for all that. Instead, they are looking for the quickest and easiest option to lose those extra pounds.


Many dieters are drawn to quick weight loss solution such as hcg weight loss. Human chorionic gonadotropin diet is a “new solution” that will help you get rid of those extra pounds forever, of course, without having to do anything, besides swallowing a pill every day. If you have any common sense, you will not mess with hormonal diets. All extreme diets put people’s health at risk, including this one.


HCG is used to treat fertility issues not to lose weight. People believe this does works because it requires severe calorie restriction, even to 500 calories a day. Again, if you have any common sense, you will realize that eating that little, will certainly make you lose weight. Starving yourself and taking hcg drops will help you lose weight only in the short term and will possibly lead to health problems such as arrhythmia, anemia, electrolyte imbalance and bile duct disorders.

You are Beautiful As You Are

Don’t allow the society to dictate how you look and feel about your body. If you aren’t satisfied, work on your physical appearance in the right way, through healthy diet and regular exercise. Quick weight loss promises are just promises that will disappoint you in the end, breeding more and more discontent. Finally, the greater our discontent is, compared to the societal norms and conventions, the more negative our body image becomes, further increasing the risk of extreme body control behavior.