What do you need to know about choosing the right storage unit?

Post updated on 25-04-2017.

At least once in a lifetime, there will be an occasion that will require from you to look around for a storage unit. Why? Well, there are many reasons such as moving, renovating or downsizing your home, expanding your family or going on a very long trip. Even though finding a storage unit may seem like an easy task since they´re everywhere, the task is harder than you think, and that’s why you need to keep in mind the following tips so you can choose the right one for the best price on the market.

The size does matter

Storage facilities come in different sizes, from larger 10` x 30`, to smaller 5` x 5` spaces. Most of the storage companies will offer you standard sizes that increase in 5` increments, but if you look hard enough you can find companies that can offer non-unique sizes that will suit your needs better. It´s very important to keep the size in mind since the size affects the monthly rent. The bigger space is, the higher the rent is. It´s often case that people choose the wrong size and don’t pack things properly so they end up paying much more than they should have.

Location matters too

It´s pretty clear that storage rental will be much higher if storage units are located in more convenient areas i. e. areas with more population. But the rates may also be different depending on the position of the storage unit within the facility itself. For example, the unit on the 1st floor will be more expensive than the same-sized one on the 3rd floor. Usually, those less convenient units are cheaper, but it can be the only option if the price is your main issue.

Shop your own insurance

In most cases, storage facilities require you to pay for the insurance during the period of renting. And, in most cases, you will not be aware of such thing until you have to sign all the paperwork. Of course, storage facilities will try to sell their own coverage and you might end up paying more than you needed. Of course, not every self-storage facility works that way, and some of them will actually give you a choice whether you want their coverage or shop your own insurance.

Avoid features that are not necessary

Try to get the most out of your storage facility and ask for the features you need. But, if you don’t need a certain feature, make sure to say that before it´s too late. Simply, why would you pay for something that you don´t need? And of course, look for perks since that might be a good way to save some money. Make sure to check with the storage facility what kind of commodities they have to offer.

Beware of increasing rates

Occasional increases in your monthly rate are to be expected, but this is something you should check before you sign a contract, just to make sure you won´t be unpleasantly surprised. You can also check online reviews and ask other people´s experiences.


When it comes to self storage, which involves renting containers or units of space to store your possessions, you want to be sure that the service has the best security features. For instance, you want peace of mind that burglars won’t have access to your valuable items.

The best way is to know which security features to consider. The reason is that you won’t be monitoring the storage facility at all times since it will be away from your home. This post looks at security features to look for before renting self-storage facilities.


Basic Security Features

Self-storage facilities offer varying levels of security. It means you need to compare storage facilities levels of safety to know which ones are the best. The following are the basic levels of security that they offer you.


You may want to access the storage facility while it’s dark. It means you need to choose those that are well lit. That ensures you have access to them and keeps thieves away.


On-Site Manager

Consider those with onsite managers who will keep an eye on the property during business hours.


Gated Access

The best self storage facilities should have electronic entry gates with security codes or unique pass-codes. That will ensure only authorized people aces the storage area.

security guard watching over cctv footage at self storage facility


Advanced Security Features

Consider those with advanced security features in the case that you want to store valuable property. However, bear in mind that you will have to pay more for these specifications and personnel. They include:

Resident Manager

Look for those with resident management. That will ensure your property gets supervised 24/7.


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance helps to keep away burglars and vandals. This system reviews anything that may go wrong, for example, burglary activities. Companies like Holloway Storage (website: hollowaystoragesydney.com.au/) have 24 x 7 CCTV surveillance and this provides peace of mind to their customers.


Alarm Systems

Consider those with alarm systems as they keep away people intending to carry out break-ins, for example, by sounding the alarm.



Some occurrences are natural, for example, floods or fire. It means you should consider purchasing insurance to cover yourself from these unfortunate happenings.

For instance, consider using your homeowner’s policy to cover your possessions in the self storage. You should also check out the insurance offered by self-storage facilities that’s on top of the rent and level of coverage.


Final Thoughts

I hope everyone found some value from the above post on what you need to know when choosing the right storage unit. You will pay more for additional insurance or advanced security features. The benefit is that it gives you peace of mind that your possessions are safe. You might also want to check out the blog at http://hollowaystoragesydney.com.au/. They have some good advice on storage.