How to Hire a Landscaper in 8 Simple Steps

After you are through renovating your home, you need to work on your home’s landscape to facilitate outdoor gatherings with family and friends. To do it right, you need to plan in advance and then hire the right landscaper. To effectively execute your plan, here are 8 steps to follow:


1. Measure your yard

Measuring your land will help you know the space you’ve used and the remaining space. In addition to measuring, you can draw a sketch of what you already have to clearly visualize what you can add to your yard to make it beautiful or outstanding. Make use of 3D design software on your computer to assist you in creating a virtual model of your landscape.


landscaping design drawings using 3D software


2. Determine your budget

Landscaping budget can vary depending on your preferences, materials used and labor among other factors. Therefore, you need to know how much you are willing to spend on your yard to avoid overspending. If you want to have minor changes on your yard, you can have a small budget including materials and labor. However, if you want to change everything in your yard and probably add a few plants, you may end up spending a lot of money. To avoid straining, decide your budget in advance, have a draft and stick to your plan.



3. Write down your ideas

To effectively explain your ideas to an expert, you need to make a list before hiring a landscaper. The professional will only advice, suggest and give you opinions about your ideas. However, if you don’t have any ideas, you can consult an experienced landscaper or do your research online. Alternatively, visit a garden supply store because they have numerous books on landscape design where you can gather some ideas.

When searching for landscaping ideas in Sydney, consider the style of your house. For instance, if you have a ranch house, stick to indigenous plants available in your area while cottage or Tudor style house is ideal for an English garden. These ideas depend on your imaginations, preference and your budget.



4. Find a local landscaper

This is difficult to most homeowners especially if they’ve never hired a landscaper before. You can start your search online or ask your friends or family members for recommendations. Be keen to check their level of experience, insurance cover, licensing and their credentials. You will probably have a long list at first but if you start sieving them out, you will be able to have at least three whom you can get estimates from. Make sure you explain your ideas to each and every landscaper and then get their estimated cost of the project. With their estimated cost, you will be able to determine how much your project may cost.



5. Get references from the landscaper

After narrowing down your choices to three and getting their estimates, make an effort of going to their offices. Here, inquire about the last projects they’ve completed and get contact details of their previous clients. You can later call them and ask about the quality of services the landscaper if offering, whether they stick to the budget etc. to make up your mind. If you’ve enough time, you can visit the site and see the landscape yourself.


landscaping ideas for backyard


6. Choose the right landscaper and draw up a contract

After careful consideration, choose the landscaper who is within your budget and has a good reputation to work on your project. Have the landscaper assess your project once again and then agree on a written contract for future reference. At all costs, have a written contract to easily solve disputes in case they arise.



7. Sign the contract

Before signing the contract, make sure that you’ve included everything you want done in your landscape as well as the cost of the project. The list of ideas you had made earlier should help you determine whether you’ve included everything in your contract. After confirming, sign the contract as a mean of agreement for the project to commence.



8. Wait for the project to be completed

After signing the contract, you just need to wait for the project to be completed. You can agree on a timeline date to have the project completed although it’s not a must. After completion, hold the end of your deal to enjoy your new yard.