How You Can Avoid Rogue Removalists

Before you hire a certain removalist company, it is a good idea to know the difference between good and rogue removalists. If a mover will not come to your home for an on-site inspection, then they are probably not legitimate.

Never hire removalists who require a cash payment upfront and who do not give you a document stating your rights and responsibilities. Find and compare removalists, and then make an informed decision. If the moving company does not mention if it is licensed or if the website has no legitimate business phone number or address, ignore them. Here are other characteristics of rogue movers.

woman stressed out by hidden charges of furniture removalists

Removalists Who Are Not Licensed

Another characteristic of a rogue mover is someone who claims he is licensed but who is really not. Before you choose a certain mover, you should request proof of his licensing to avoid troubles should something go wrong during the move such as damage or loss of valuables.


Price Is Inflated

Some rogue movers are guilty of price inflation. During the on-site inspection they will give you what you believe is the real price of their services but once you hire the movers, the price is different than what was originally agreed upon. This happens when movers include hidden costs in their overall price.

You should receive a written agreement that clearly states what you will be charged and for which services. You need to read the ten most important things to consider when moving.


Lack of Accreditation

The most trusted and excellent moving companies will have some sort of accreditation either from the Better Business Bureau or another organization that oversees the quality of businesses. If the moving company lacks accreditation and reviews from customers, this might be a red flag.


False Claims of Insurance Coverage

Another sign of a rogue mover is a person who tells you that your valuables are covered by his insurance but in reality this is not the case. You’ll be better off purchasing your own movers insurance so that your goods will be insured to the maximum.


Concluding Points

You should research more than one removal company before hiring someone. Jason Warne, the removals Bondi team leader, tells people to review the companies’ websites to look for business addresses and phone numbers. Get referrals from loved ones regarding moving companies.

It is also important that you ask the important questions and read your contract thoroughly before signing it. Trust your instincts and if certain removalist quotes sound too good to be true, it probably is. Most importantly, communicate what you want to move and state any concerns you have during the moving process. For more information, visit