Benefits of print marketing in the digital age

Even though most people say that print is dead, and digital marketing strategies are essential for spreading the awareness about your business or organization, the truth is a bit different. Companies that rarely rely on printed material are overlooking fantastic opportunities to reach customers differently. Advertising campaigns that include both the internet advertising and printed direct mail have more than 30% higher response rate than those than an internet based campaign only.

Print marketing includes a vast choice of options for promoting your business to potential customers. It´s also an excellent way to stay in contact with past customers already loyal to your business. The hidden power of printed marketing material lies in the fact that items like brochures, flyers, or business cards allow you to place information about your business in the hands of potential customers, which is something the internet cannot do. So, what are the most significant benefits of print marketing?

More focused readers

When people are browsing the web with several tabs opened, it´s less likely that they´ll be equally focused on every information they see. On the other hand, printed material is more likely to say in a reader´s memory. Why? Several studies have proved that people are more focused when reading print material, simply because they´re not multitasking as much as they do online.

Tangible means trustable

The internet is full of fake ads that can lead to having a weird pop-up covering the screen or getting a virus. People are annoyed by these inconveniences and don´t trust everything they see online. Printed material cannot do any of the mentioned things, thus people don´t think of it as a scam. Furthermore, print advertising has been around much longer than the internet, so people feel that they can trust it more.

People like to unplug sometimes

We live in tech-saturated society, plugged every day in the digital world. But lately, people tend to see the value of staying offline for a while, which is an excellent opportunity for companies and organizations to engage people with printed materials.

Retaining customers

Sometimes a company must remind its customers about products and services it has to offer, and print materials are probably the best means to do so. For example, sending a postcard, catalog or brochure to your past and current customers is a much better way to make them read about whatever you have to offer. Which is not necessarily the case with an email newsletter or update since they can easily be overlooked and buried.

Is print a missed opportunity?

As most advertisers mainly focus on digital marketing, standing apart from competitors and using a neglected medium is a chance that shouldn´t be left behind. Of course, benefits of digital marketing are undeniable, but printed marketing can provide you something that online can´t. If you want to make sure your printed material represents you the best way possible, you´ll have to find professional printing companies such as Printing Perth or Printing Melbourne based companies with many years of experience in the field.